October 14, 2007

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Back to School

August 23, 2007

I just got time to write on my blog. I’m back in school at ACST. It’s really nice here. just got out of my first lab in Chemistry, and we’ve already started simulations in Model United Nations (Our exercise is solutions to global warming, and I represent China. I’m large enough that every group needs to do something with me (and I can throw my simulated weight around. The representative for the US entertained the possibility of refusing to import from China if I didn’t take her suggestions, then I reminded that doing that would throw the State’s economy into a tailspin by blasting prices sky high. Add to that she’s a free economy and it would take alot of trouble to blockade me).

I had a really cool Media Arts project to hand in, but we ran out of time at the end so I have to wait until wednesday. But it’s going pretty well, and I’m liking school.


Wow I haven’t posted here in a while.


Well,¬†through¬†about¬†a¬†week¬†of¬†brute-forcing the “portal puzzle” in Negilahn, where a portal would appear seemingly randomly, we have little calculators which tell the time until the next Negilahn (and now) Dereno portals. ¬†I have my Dereno one, but not my Negilahn one.

So Douglas Sharper has come back from the surface void to grace us with his presence once again.  He and Nick asked Rils to go on an expedition to Negilahn with them to figure out why the animal population was decreasing.  So they went, and they found an animal litterally teared apart.  Sharper said that Nick puked, and they quickly left for Relto.

Also,¬†Bahro¬†have¬†been¬†sighted¬†in¬†the¬†nieghbourhoods.¬†¬†There’s¬†one¬†KI¬†pic¬†that¬†a¬†Restoration ¬†Engineer took when he was confronted by one of the Bahro. ¬†I’ve never seen one up close. ¬†I’m going to stake out a hood and watch for one. ¬†I wonder what they’re doing…

The Museum and Negilahn

March 1, 2007

Well, the DRC opened the museum yesterday. ¬†That’s makes everywhere (but parts of the GZ) in D’ni that was DRC approved before the scream available now. ¬†Nothing but a marker there… until today.

Kodama said Negilahn would be released this week, and lo and behold, here it is.  I still have to grab the time to link though.  Some have reported seeing a sparkle and going through it, then linking to a Bahro cave.  I should investigate this.


February 20, 2007


Who ever thought this would happen?

So for over a week, Sosiqui has lead the planning committee for a pow-wow with Yeesha Herself.¬† I thought “aw, that’s cool /shrug”.¬† But guess what?

She turned up.

She linked in to¬† Silohwet’s Bevin to find devoted explorers all around her.¬† There are still no real pictures, but they did see her on the AP list, which begs the question… if she shows up on our AP list, she must have a KI.¬† That’s the way it works. ¬† I just hope that someone remembered this and got her KI#, which will probably start up the whole DRC KI# trading card game again.¬† I’ll trade you my ResEng full set and Cate for your Yeesha.

But this has massive ramifications.¬† I mean, this… she’s never shown herself before.¬† This was only in holographic form with no speaking, but it was in real time (or so we assume).

In other news:¬† It’s started snowing in Delin.¬† I must link down tommorow and see this.¬† I mean, I have no love for snow anymore (you can only appreciate it so much after shoveling several tonnes of it), but Delin was beautiful to start with, and with snow…

Eder Tsogal

February 16, 2007

The DRC officially opened the cavern yesterday!¬† It didn’t have much fanfare but the hoods were so packed it was insane.¬† The DRC put the Eder Tsogal books in some of the hoods (like UO) to replace the Eder Delin books.¬† I got in a few weeks ago to Tsogal when it was misdistributed, but the DRC told us to get out and go to Delin.

I finished the puzzle that Yeesha set for us there, and it’s alot like Delin’s, but I didn’t get the donut because the door closed >.<¬† well, I’ll try again later today.

Four hours

February 14, 2007

In four hours (six if you’re going Cavern Time), the DRC will open up the Cavern to all explorers.¬† I can’t wait.¬† Unfortuneately, I won’t be able to make it down to the Cavern in four or six hours, so it’s a moot point.¬† I will, however, try my best to have pizza tommorow.

This is amazing.¬† Eder Tsogal (which I got in to via a distribution error) is coming out (officially) tommorow.¬† I can’t wait.¬† It’s so beautiful.¬† It’s¬† not like Kadish or Teledahn or even Eders Kemo and Delin in their… abnormality.¬† It looks like part of Earth.¬† It looks like home.

Alot has happened

February 6, 2007

Wow I haven’t posted here in a while, have I?

So we have some changes:

The Library Plaza is open

The Dock Page is back

There’s a new DRC site

The bridge was restored

T junction back

It’s certainly been a busy time.¬† I don’t know why I haven’t posted here.¬† I have all my nexus links now, three more markers, and we’re all waiting until the 15th, which is probably when Tsogal will come out.

Delin and the Door

January 22, 2007

So on Friday I went to UO’s party to await the delivery of Eder Delin.¬† The DRC delivered the books and I linked through the UO book, but they had given us Eder Tsogal instead.¬† It’s a nice Age, and I would have stayed longer, but the DRC asked that we get out.¬† Later in the day they gave us the Eder Delin book.¬† There was quite a puzzle there where people had to do a combination lock in a time limit.¬† After the group crashed through the Journey Door we ended up in Rudenna.¬† Yeesha didn’t leave any speech, which I found puzzling.

There was to be a new area of Ae’Gura opened, but the DRC recinded that promise after the distribution misshap.

So yesterday we got the Great Zero book in our hoods.  Yeesha seems to have given the Book to the DRC as

a) They can’t Write

b) The book links to Ae’Gura, which is in D’ni

I’ve collected all the markers and stuff already.

But here’s the real news.

Just a few moments ago, The three remaining DRCLs resigned from their posts.¬† This leaves us with no Liaisons left, which means that we’ll either abolish the system, overhaul it and then declare elections, or just hold another election (which does not sound like a good idea from what the former Liaisons said). ¬† Eleri, Gadren and Vort just thought the position was too much strain.¬† So far there doesn’t seem to be much fallout (although it happened only a few minutes ago), but I can almost garanutee that there will be fallout when we redraw the constitution.